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Experience the joy of learning Chinese language and culture in our school's engaging and secure environment.

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    Students Enrolled Annually

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    Grade Levels

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    Years Educating Students

01.Legacy of Excellence

Discover a legacy of linguistic and cultural education at the Shoong Family Chinese Cultural Center, established in 1953. As one of the pioneering Chinese language schools in the United States, we have dedicated over seven decades to teaching the richness of Chinese language and culture to thousands of students, weaving a tapestry of knowledge and tradition that spans generations.

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02.Nurturing the Youth

For more than 70 years, our school has been a beacon of education in the Bay Area, nurturing tens of thousands of young minds toward fluency in the Chinese language and fostering a deep appreciation for its rich culture. Our alumni, now leaders and influencers, are a testament to our enduring commitment to education and heritage preservation.

Our school boasts a rich history of delivering top-notch Chinese language education, making a lasting impact on students' lives and our community.


Experience the Fun

Annually, more than 700 students from various Bay Area locations and even other states join our language programs, bringing a burst of energy and enthusiasm to our school. These young learners not only gain knowledge but forge lasting friendships, enriching our community's fabric.

Welcoming in the Chinese New Year

our Passionate Staff

The team leading the operations of the school is a passionate group of individuals set on their goals of developing the youth and perpetuating the Chinese language and culture. Under the guidance of Susan Zhong, our head teacher, our dedicated educators -- numbering over 20 -- pour their hearts into teaching. They employ immersive learning techniques, conversational practice, digital technologies and group activities to deepen students' understanding of Chinese language and cultural values.

Board of Directors

President: Jones Wu
Vice-President: Sugi Loni
Treasurer: Francis Lan
Secretary: Dr. Jennifer Wu
Other Board Members:
Helen Chou
Richard Cooc
Robert Yee
Park Man Joe
Rosina Ko
Steven Lee
Joseph Ma
Dr. Sam Szeto
Jason Wu

Administration Office

Executive Director:
Jones Wu
Head Teacher:
Susan Zhong
Student Administrator:
Mei Juan Li
Office Manager:
Christy Peng
Outreach Coordinator:
Abi Zhang

Teaching Staff

Han Zhen Chen
Ying Chen
Cui Feng Huang
Jie Huang
Shan Huang
Dong Xian Li
Mei Juan Li
Shu Hua Li
Pik Shan Lui
Min Luo
Hui Hong Ning
Yan Ru Tang
Ka Lok Wong
Xiu Zhen Wu
Dan Xie
Qing Mian Xue
Ming Zhu Yu
Yan Bing Xu
Yoyo Yang

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