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The Shoong Family Chinese Cultural Center (SFCCC) offers Mandarin and Cantonese classes through weekday after-school and weekend Saturday morning programs. Our mission is to nurture Bay Area youth and preserve Asian heritage.

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Providing Quality
Chinese Education

01.Mandarin and Cantonese Classes

SFCCC provides comprehensive Chinese language education in both Mandarin and Cantonese. Whether your child is aiming for fluency or just starting out, we have a curriculum designed for every level (K - 9th Grade). We offer beginner courses for those new to the language as well as advanced AP-level Chinese classes for junior high students.

Our dedicated staff will work with you to find the most suitable class for your child, based on their current level of Chinese and personal interests.

02.Place to Learn & Grow

At SFCCC, we do more than teach a language; we offer a nurturing space for young minds to immerse in Chinese culture and develop into individuals of character. Join us on a fun transformative journey to nurture responsible and culturally aware youths.

  • Offers Mandarin and Cantonese Classes
  • Provides beginning Chinese to AP-Level courses
  • Provides safe and nurturing environment to make friends
  • Develops core values to become responsible citizens

03.Immersive Learning Experience

SFCCC provides an immersive learning experience for the student to flourish in learning the Chinese language and culture.

Embracing our Asian heritage and the digital age, we offer a unique blend of traditional and modern education. Classrooms are tech-equipped, fostering digital literacy alongside cultural appreciation. We stress educational values, encourage cultural integration, and provide fun activities that engage oral and activity-based learning. Our peer-learning approach further enriches this vibrant educational mix.

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Our Students' Own Words

Our school has a vibrant large student community (700+) that brings their energy and enthusiasm to learn at our facilities. We welcome students of different ethnicities and backgrounds to build a rich diversified community united in their goal of learning. Hear directly from our students about their experience and the positive impact of our programs on their lives.

Here are some excerpts from their reviews of the school posted on Google. Hundreds of students and parents have praised the school's performance online.

"Understand the History of my Culture"

"This school has provided so many different ways for children to understand Chinese culture."

"Overall Experience is Really Good"

"The overall learning experience is really good. The teachers always try their best to help you."

"Fun Learning Experience"

"Shoong Family Chinese School has been a fun experience for me. They've helped me improve my Chinese."

"Best Chinese School"

"As a student who received 10 years of knowledge from this school, I can say it is the best Chinese school."


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Interested in learning more about our Chinese language programs? Contact our Administration Office:
(510) 452-1204
Monday - Friday: 1:00 - 6:00 pm
Saturday: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

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