May 7, 2024

Chinese Speech Contest

The annual speech contest at the Shoong Family Chinese Cultural Center highlighted student language achievements.

        The Shoong Family Chinese Cultural Center held its annual speech contest in the school auditorium on April 24, 2024, featuring 31 participants ranging from kindergarten to ninth grade students. The contest showcased a diverse array of themes, including the popular allegro tongue twister ‘‘How old is my brother?’’, the vividly narrated story ‘‘The Wolf and the Lam’’, the powerful recitation of the ancient poem ‘‘The Hard Road’’, and the hilariously interpreted story ‘‘My Younger Brother’’ and short essays for senior grade. Each entry was full of creativity and enthusiasm.

         To ensure fairness and professionalism, the panel of homeroom teachers from various grades assessed the performances based on strict criteria covering topic selection, pronunciation, tone, and demeanor. This evaluation not only considered the depth and breadth of the speech content but also the students’ linguistic skills and stage presence. The judges examined both the students’ mastery of the material and their ability to communicate in front of an audience. Through such events, our Chinese school aims to develop students’ overall speaking abilities, laying a solid foundation for their future academic interactions and professional presentations. The contest highlighted the students’ efforts and growth. We believe that each participant gained valuable experience and a sense of achievement. We look forward to seeing their continued progress in learning Chinese and reaping the rewards of their dedication.

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Here are some excerpts from their reviews of the school posted on Google. Hundreds of students and parents have praised the school's performance online.

"Understand the History of my Culture"

"This school has provided so many different ways for children to understand Chinese culture."

"Overall Experience is Really Good"

"The overall learning experience is really good. The teachers always try their best to help you."

"Fun Learning Experience"

"Shoong Family Chinese School has been a fun experience for me. They've helped me improve my Chinese."

"Best Chinese School"

"As a student who received 10 years of knowledge from this school, I can say it is the best Chinese school."