February 2, 2023

Empowering Our Community

By working with law enforcement personnel, we help our students to learn about safety procedures to provide a safer environment to follow in the community. Likewise, by providing CPR training to teachers and students, we ensure that our school will be able to deal with unexpected emergencies.

Partnership with Local Police

Our collaboration with the Oakland Police Department brings safety education directly to our students, enhancing their awareness and engagement with commujnity safety initiatives.

CHP Officer with the Students

The CHP officers provided instructions for adhering to the safety procedures. The students were very excited to have a chance to inspect the officers' patrol vehicle.

First Aid: Empowering Our Community

Through specialized training for teachers and students, we emphasize the importance of first aid knowledge, underscoring our commitment to the health and safety of our school community.

Our Last News

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Our Students' Own Words

Our school has a vibrant large student community (700+) that brings their energy and enthusiasm to learn at our facilities. We welcome students of different ethnicities and backgrounds to build a rich diversified community united in their goal of learning. Hear directly from our students about their experience and the positive impact of our programs on their lives.

Here are some excerpts from their reviews of the school posted on Google. Hundreds of students and parents have praised the school's performance online.

"Understand the History of my Culture"

"This school has provided so many different ways for children to understand Chinese culture."

"Overall Experience is Really Good"

"The overall learning experience is really good. The teachers always try their best to help you."

"Fun Learning Experience"

"Shoong Family Chinese School has been a fun experience for me. They've helped me improve my Chinese."

"Best Chinese School"

"As a student who received 10 years of knowledge from this school, I can say it is the best Chinese school."