Annual School Open House

Meet teachers and explore your child's learning at our open house. A chance for parents to engage and plan for their student's success.

  • Event Date

    April 26, 2024

  • Event Location

    316 9th Street, Oakland, CA. 94607

  • Event Time

    3:20 - 5:00 pm

About This Event

Our school's open house is specifically set up for parents of weekday program students. It offers a glimpse into your child's learning environment, an opportunity to meet their teachers, and a chance to gain a deeper understanding of their academic progress. It's an occasion to see the educational setting and support that your child benefits from by attending the Center.

Event Features:

The open house provides an opportunity for one-on-one conversations with your child's homeroom teachers in their classrooms. Parents can look at their child’s schoolwork, evaluate their progress, and discuss strategies with the teachers for further improvement. This event aims to strengthen communication and collaboration between parents and teachers, supporting the educational journey of each student.

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