Weekday After-School Program

Build your child's Chinese language skills (Mandarin or Cantonese) with our Weekday After-Program! Offering 2-hour sessions each weekday, this program dives deep into Chinese language learning, covering reading, writing, and conversation. Perfect for students after attending English school, it's designed to lay a strong foundation in Chinese for comprehensive growth.

Days of Week

Monday - Friday

Start Date: 8/12/2024

End Date: 12/20/2024


(K - 5th Gr) 3:20 - 5:10 pm ; (6th - 9th Gr) 4:30 - 6:20 pm


$550 Per Semester ; $25 (New Student Reg Fee); $330 (Optional Lincoln School Pickup Service)

About Our Weekday Program

After their regular school day at American school, students can join us for 2-hour sessions packed with engaging Chinese language learning. Our program is designed to build a strong foundation in reading, writing, and speaking Chinese, whether in Mandarin or Cantonese.

Location and Time:

  • Location: SFCCC, 316 9th Street, Oakland, CA. 94607
  • K to 5th Grade: 3:20 - 5:10 pm
  • 6th to 9th Grade: 4:30 - 6:20 pm

What We Offer:

  • Bilingual Instruction: Fluent learning in both Mandarin and/or Cantonese
  • Language Skills: Focus on conversational abilities and writing Chinese characters
  • Chinese Calligraphy: Master the traditional art of calligraphy
  • Cultural Enrichment: Singing Chinese songs and engaging in arts and crafts
  • Academic Development: Composition writing and introductions to history and geography
  • Exam Preparation: AP test preparation for upper-grade students

Spring Semester Details:

  • Start Date: Monday, August 12, 2024
  • End Date: Thursday, December 20, 2024
  • Fee: $550 for the semester
  • New Student Registration Fee: $25
  • Optional Pickup Service from Lincoln School: $330

All fees cover textbooks and exercise books. Join us to enrich your child's after-school experience with comprehensive Chinese language education!